First of all we would like to say thanks to Mr. Gary J .Hammonds for this beautiful and great dog. You make the history of this breed, friend!
Humble Hail is an wonderful bulldog with an excellent blood. He has a winning Alligator/Patrick strain of dogs in his pedigree. He looks really like his grand-father, Hammonds' Hailstone R.O.M. and in the near generations he has 3x Hammonds Park Son R.O.M.
His dad, Congo, has a lot of Rufus R.O.M blood with a very good touch of the best Patrick blood, Bolio/Tombstone/Red Baby. His mom K Rox has Alligator R.O.M with CH. Red Baron/CH. Tonka mixed blood with a little bit of Carver blood as a cathalist with dogs like Thibodeaux' Black Gal and GR. CH. Carver's Jim Bob.
Humble Hail is not open to public stud, but some of his offspring will be for sale only to serious people, no bullshitters!

Name: Humble Hail
Breeder: Gary J. Hammonds
Owner: Game Kennel
Origin: USA
Date of birth: 18 August 2004
Weight: 18,5 Kg
Bloodline: Alligator/Red Baron/Tonka
Hammonds' Congo Hammonds' Hail Stone R.O.M. Hammonds' Park Son R.O.M. Hammonds' Pig R.O.M.
Hammonds' Rennie B
Hammonds' Vinnie Hammonds' Vito
Hammonds' CH. Selma
Elder's Sugar Hammonds' CH. Roberto Hammonds' Andy L R.O.M.
S. Maynard's Cassy
Crum's Mary Cat Patrick's Baby Spike
Crum's Creamator
Hammonds' K Rox Hammonds' Red Hulk Hammonds' Park Son R.O.M. Hammonds' Pig R.O.M.
Hammonds' Rennie B
Elder's Little Eve Hinkle's Hacksaw
Elder's Tabitha
Hammonds' Spit Fire Daisy Hammonds' Rufus Park Hammonds' Park Son R.O.M.
Hammonds' Bullytuts
Hammonds' Beannie Burns' Macho
Hammonds' Coco C
Hammond's Hailstone R.O.M.

This great dog is Hammonds' Hailstone R.O.M., he's off Hammonds'Park Son R.O.M x Hammonds' Vinnie. He's one of the best Alligator stud of all times. He has produced exceptional bulldogs . He's a pure Alligator dog with a little touch of Hammonds' Bruno blood. His Alligator blood came from very hard bulldogs like Hammonds' Vito R.O.M., Hammonds' CH. Selma , Hammonds' Pig R.O.M, Hammonds' Batima and Hammonds' CH. Michelle. His products are the best Alligator stuff you can find all over the world. As you can see, Hailstone is the fatherly grandfather of Game Kennel's Humble Hail, they have the same color and this is the guarantee of this great ancestor.

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